“It’s always fantastic to see a group of participants riding, developing skills that they will carry with them for a life time. Cycling is a fantastic active recreation option for people with a disability, not only does it benefit the participant’s health, but allows them to experience a freedom found in few other activities” 

John Wyatt, TRYcycling Instructor

“This is a wonderful program to attract people of all abilities into the sport of cycling. I encourage all people with a disability to come out and give TRYcycling a go.” 

Carol Cooke, Paralympian & TRYcycling Ambassador

“I’ve seen the benefits of cycling on our students first hand, and the effect cycling has on people with disabilities can be amazing. Our students have had a ball with the cycling activities so far, and it has taught them life skills like awareness, independence and self-confidence. I look forward to sending groups of students into TRYcycling programs in the near future.”

 Liz Gosper, Teacher at Ashwood School