TryCycling will be offered in two forms; please contact AAA Play (1800 222 842)  for further information on program options.


For people requiring high support, a one-on-one program session can be the best option. With an accredited instructor, the participant will benefit from the increased time allowance and more support from the instructor.

One-on-one programs are available at all of the TryCycling hubs. Please contact Cycling Victoria directly (03 8480 3077) to discuss options and pricing.

Small Groups 

For participants who are looking for social interaction when taking part in the program and still require a moderate level of support, a small group is the perfect option. Allowing for a more structured program, and also for participants to learn from each other, the small group option is a great introduction to cycling with others.

Small group programs are available at all of our TryCycling hubs. Programs currently available can be found on the Find a program page.

Large Group 

Our Large group participation option is fantastic for school or community groups. Riding with friends and learning from each other is a great element to the TryCycling program, and in larger groups the activities are focused on riding safely with others.