Can I ride multiple events?

Yes! You may enter as many events as you like. The only event with qualifying rules is the road state final (see next question). Please note: entry places for all state finals may be capped, so please don’t leave it until the last minute. 

How do I enter the state final?

For the road state final, boys must qualify via a zone event, however girls can enter the final directly. For the BMX and MTB finals, you can enter directly via the online entry system or manual form.

Can I ride multiple events at the Bendigo state final?


How old do I have to be to compete?

You must be at least 6 years old to do BMX, 8 years to do MTB and Road.  Please refer to the age category table here.

Do I have to be a Cycling Victoria member to compete?

No, the competition is open to all school students. If you don’t have a cycling club membership you will race in the ‘Novice’ category. 

What are the clothing and equipment requirements?

Please refer to the VSCC Clothing and Equipment policy.

My school is not entering a team, can I still compete?

Yes! You can enter yourself and turn up to the event (make sure your school is OK with you being absent). You will still represent your school, and perhaps inspire your teacher to start a team the following year.

Does the school pay for my entry or do I pay?

Both are OK – it is up to the teacher and student to decide.

What are the race distances?

Road: between 5km and 20km. MTB: between 3km and 15km.

Is there a category for students with a disability?

Yes, the All Abilities category is open to students with an intellectual disability from any school. Please note: specialist equipment, such as modified bikes, will need to be supplied by the participant. For more information, contact Cycling Victoria on 8480 3077.