Points System & Awards

Points System

Points shall be allocated to each rider participating in individual events and team time trials in accordance with the table below.

Place  Points for individual events  Points for TTT (per team of 4)  Points for TTT (per rider)                                                                  
1st  50  100  25   
2nd  40  80  20   
3rd  32  64  16   
4th  26 52  13   
5th  20  40  10   
6th  16  32   
7th  12 24   
8th  16   
9th  4  
10th  2  
 11th 2  8  2  
 12th 2  8  2  
 13th 2  8  2  
 14th 2  8  2  
 15th 2  8  2  
 16th 1  4  1  
 17th 1  4  1  
 18th 1  4  1  
 19th 1  4  1  
 20th 1  4  

These points shall be used to determine individual and overall school awards as outlined below.
The team time trials carry twice the points weighting of individual events to encourage participation (and to encourage the formation of composite teams in cases where a school isn’t able to field a four rider team).

Awards, leaders’ jerseys and best school trophies

The first event of VICS, the ITT, will be used as a grading event and will lead to riders being allocated grades for the following events. Riders will be awarded points that can be used towards the overall series winner. 

The best 5 scores from the 8 rounds will determine the overall winner of the VICS series.

This is to give everybody a chance to win if they miss an event, or have a bad day on the bike. 

The most points accumulated by students of that school will win the Simon Gerran’s Perpetual Trophy. 

Sister and Brother Schools

This year we will be introducing Sister and Brother schools, this is to give single gender schools an opportunity to compete against mixed gender schools.

All school points will be awarded to the school in which the rider is enrolled and attending at the time of the race. 

Awards for the top 3 in each category will be awarded at all 8 events.  

From round 1 onward, leaders’ jerseys will be awarded to the leading individual rider in each grade at the end of each event and shall be worn by these riders at the following event. If a rider loses the lead in the series they will keep their jersey but will not be entitled to wear it at the following event. 

Another jersey will be issued to the new series leader.