VICS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

Go to the VICS Events & Disciplines page and follow the links to the entry form. 

Do I need a membership to race VICS?

Yes, all riders must have a current Cycling Victoria racing membership. If you are already a club member (gold licence), you are good to go. If not you can purchase a special VICS membership for the duration of the series. 

Can I compete if my school is not involved?

Yes, you may still enter VICS and represent your school!

What if I don't have friends or classmates for the Team Time Trial ?

You can email and put your name down for a composite team. 

What are gear restrictions and do i need to follow them?

Gear restrictions are limits on the size of the largest gear your bike is adjusted to. Junior races under the Cycling Australia Teachnical Guidelines impose a limit on gears, however, to remove the barrier to entry in the sport, gear restrictions will not be enforced at VICS. You can view the recommended roll-out distances at the VICS Entry Rules page.

Can I use DISC brakes in a race?

All junior racing in Victoria that is sanctioned by Cycling Australia, DISC brakes are not allowed. It is the same with the VICS series.