VSCC Entry Rules & Categories

This page contains all relevant information about entry for the Victorian Schools Cycling Competitions. Please take the time to read the relevant policies and guideline sheets as there are slight variations to entry rules for the three disciplines.

How do I get involved?

The VSCC and VICS is open to all students across Victoria and parts of NSW or South Australia. Students competing in the VSCC and VICS race as individuals. Some schools enter large groups of students and the entry is completed by a teacher. If you school is not involved in the competition you can enter directly, you will still represent your school. Cycling Victoria doesn't need permission from the school for you to enter - you just need to be able to attend the event. 


Entry Policy
Technical Regulations* Extreme Weather Policy                                                        
Contingency Policy Equipment and Clothing Policy Entry FAQ   

* Novice riders are not required to ride with restricted gears.


The only event that requires qualification through a race result is the Road State Final for Male Novice & Male Racing categories. The top 6 riders at the four lead up events will qualify to race the state final in Bendigo

This year sees the introduction of a new entry system, EntryBoss. To enter for the VSCC please click the button below or visit EntryBoss @

New riders will need to sign up before they can enter a race, this will be your login for the future races.

For new riders on the sign up page where it says License type / Governing body please choose other, for the club please put Cycling Victoria and for the License number please put your email address.

Once sign in you can find all the VSCC events via the races tab up the top left side of the screen, click on the drop box and click on the Victorian School Cycling Championships and you will be able to view all the events.


Apart from age and gender there are two categories in the VSCC: Racing and Novice.

The 'Racing' category is for students with a membership to Cycling Australia, MTB Australia or BMX Australia. 

The 'Novice' category is for students with no cycling membership* - insurance is provided through Cycling Australia temporary cover.

The 'All Abilities' category is open to any student from mainstream or specialist school who has an intellectual disability. This field will be run as one grade but may be separated depending on entry numbers.

*Students with membership may enter Novice if a) they have held their license for 6 months or less on the day of the zone event or b) they are racing in a different discipline, i.e. a BMXA member racing in Road or MTB can choose Racing or Novice.

Age Group Table:

 Year of Birth Age as of 31/12/2016  Road  MTB  BMX 
 2010 6 N/A N/A Sprocket 
 2009 N/A N/A   Sprocket
 2008 JR11   JR11  8-9 
 2007 JR11  JR11    8-9 
 2006 10  JR11  JR11    10-11 
 2005 11  JR13    JR13    10-11 
 2004 12  JR13    JR13    12-13 
 2003 13  JR15 
 2002 14  JR15  JR15  
 2001 15  JR17 
 2000 16  JR17  
 1999 17  JR19 
 1998 18  JR19  JR19  16+ 



Alan Mok: Riding Programs & People Coordinator
(03) 8480 3077